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Botusa, Botswana

A standard three compartment unit was deployed to support this CDC initiative. <a title=\"BOTUSA, Botswana\" href=\"http://startalab.co.za/track-record/botusa-botswana/\">Read More</a>

SES, Peru

The client had just completed building and wanted to consider either out fitting a facility for bio containment or using a containerised molecular laboratory. A containerised molecular laboratory was selected and LIS made customised it to link with the existing building. A bridging room was constructed as ante chamber, which freed up space in the laboratory. <a title=\"SES, Peru\" href=\"http://startalab.co.za/track-record/peru/\">Read More</a>

NLSP, Haiti

Laboratoire National de Sante Publique, Ministere de la Sante Publique, Haiti Haiti lies on a continental fault line, making the island state prone to earth quakes. The decision to have a CML manufactured by LIS was an easy decision, considering the challenges associated with such environmental circumstances in one of the poorest countries in the world. The laboratory was built in the typical three compartment configuration for bio safety level three laboratories. Special provision had to be made for 110 Volt supply and extremely hot and humid conditions. The laboratory was shipped with equipment packed inside, reducing the cost of transportation. Close attention was paid to limit protrusions, permitting conventional shipping liner shipment. <a title=\"LNSP, Haiti\" href=\"http://startalab.co.za/track-record/haiti/\">Read More</a>

JICA, Zambia

Two mirrored unit, both three compartment, were manufactured for this client. For control purposes the two units are housed in a conventional building structure, which blends in with the surrounding architecture, whilst offering the superior performance of a purpose built bio containment facility. <a title=\"JICA, Zambia\" href=\"http://startalab.co.za/track-record/jica-zambia/\">Read More</a>

CIDRZ , Zambia

CIDRZ , Zambia, home town of the Containerised TB Laboratory (CTL), a concept advanced by the Zamstar Study. Results of this large scale study were presented at the 42nd World Conference on Lung and Health in Lille, France during October of 2011. The study intervention, lasting three years during 2006 to 2009, used four Containerised Tuberculosis Laboratories, contributing to reduce tuberculosis by 22%. Overall contamination levels of specimens were 5.8%, very low. Thorough training of laboratory staff and safe, working infrastructure, in the form of CML’s, are regarded as key aspects of this low contamination levels. The CML was commissioned as an addition to existing laboratory infrastructure, giving the research team exceptional control over the quality of sample processing. For more information on this study please go to: http://www.tbhiv-create.org/about/studies/ZAMSTAR <a title=\"CIDRZ, Zambia\" href=\"http://startalab.co.za/track-record/cidrz-zambia/\">Read More</a>